1 building, 1 artwork – Ministry of Culture and Communication – Emerige, Paris


In December 2015, in the presence of Fleur Pellerin, the Minister of Culture and Communication, and under its patronage, thirteen major actors from the real estate industry sign the charter “1 building, 1 artwork”. They commit to ordering or acquiring one artwork from an artist for each construction or renovation real estate program. 

Laurent Dumas was one of the instigators and is a highly involved actor in this ambitious project to support the arts. More than a thousand pieces of art will are therefore to be created or acquired and exhibited every year in all the country. 

This program will give rise to the “1 building, 1 artwork” label, available to constructors, owners and residents. The “Grand prix” will also be awarded every year, as well as the “Prix de l’émergence” and the “Prix du public”, raising awareness and recognition for this approach.


Image: 1 building, 1 artwork © MCC/ Thibaut Chapotot