Fondation Carmignac – new premises on the protected island of Porquerolles

Fondation Carmignac
15 years supporting contemporary creativity
Upcoming opening of new premises on the protected island of Porquerolles

SITE3_Image_Porquerolles___Eric_Valli_-_Fondation_Carmignac.jpg, mar. 2016

Created in 2000, the Fondation Carmignac has its roots in Carmignac’s corporate collection, which has been on display in the company’s premises  from the company’s beginnings. Built up over the past 25 years with an open mind and no restrictions, this unique compendium of contemporary art reflects the personal favourites of Carmignac’s founder, Edouard Carmignac, reflects the personal favourites of Carmignac’s founder, Edouard Carmignac, a seasoned fund manager and stockbroker. The Carmignac collection currently boasts more than 220 works of art from the 20th and 21st centuries, including major works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Gerhard Richter. Selected on the basis of how evocative they are, the quality of their composition and how powerful a message they convey, the most recent additions to the collection show a strong emphasis on emerging market countries.

The Fondation Carmignac has always been committed to sharing, and open to dialogue with the widest possible audience. In keeping with that commitment, the Fondation, headed by Gaïa Donzet, plans to open new premises on the protected island of Porquerolles. The site will be sensitively constructed within this stunning natural environment. A programme of on-site sculpture commissions by young international artists has been launched in order to integrate contemporary art into an extraordinary setting that can both enhance the viewing experience and help make a new generation of artists better known.

Through choosing this unusual and insular place, visitors will also need to be willing to open their minds, adapting to another pace, and opening themselves up to different perceptions, to discover art in an exceptional natural site. Photojournalism will also have its place: a specific area will be dedicated to the works of all the laureates of the
Award since it was founded, reflecting the courage of these key witnesses of the contemporary world.


Image: Fondation Carmignac / Porquerolles © Eric Valli