Fondation François Schneider - 7th edition of Contemporary Talents - Wattwiller, Alsace

7th edition Contemporary Talents 
Fondation François Schneider, Wattwiller
9 February - 21 April 2019


They have hiked majestic mountainous, carved sculptures from nature, explored the ocean depths and lived with refugees. They are algorithm designers, ethnological photographers, painters of desolate spaces, or visual artists working with the idea of fragility. The 2017 edition of the Contemporary Talent Prize (Concours Talents Contemporains) saw the following eight winners: Edouard Decam, Cristina Escobar, Sara Ferrer, Claire Malrieux, Camille Michel, Maël Nozahic, Benjamin Rossi, and the Sandra & Ricardo collective.

The Contemporary Talent Prize began in 2011 as part of a philanthropic initiative. It supports the creation of contemporary art and artists from all geographical backgrounds, ages and disciplines. Artists contemplated the theme of water in a multitude of ways to explore environmental, societal, plastic, philosophical and anthropological issues, and an infinite number of topics. Between six and eight winners are selected each year.
Gradually, an original collection took shape, bringing together video, permanent installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and digital art. The collection features stowaway sheep, carved fish, crystal tears, and oceans of words. The works travel from Wattwiller to Lisbon via Epinal, Bordeaux or Amsterdam, displaying different points of view and offering a reflection of the modern world.

Artists can accompany us on infinite journeys, inviting introspection or denunciation. They are often thoughtful, and their questioning of the notion of vestige could well be the common thread linking the winners of this 7th edition.

Photo : Sandra & Ricardo collective, The Memory of Water, 2017.