Rubis Mécénat - Leonora Hamill in situ video - St Eustache Church, Paris

Furtherance, in situ video installation by Leonora Hamill
Rubis Mécénat cultural fund
St Eustache Church, Paris, France
December 4th 2014 - January 18th 2015


Invited by Rubis Mécénat to create a work for St Eustache Church in Paris, the French-British artist Leonora Hamill offers us her vision of the church as a place of paths and convergences. 

Furtherance, her video installation shot on 35mm, weaves together traces of everyday activities within the church, unusual architectural points of view and a live stag (St Eustache symbol) wandering through the space. It will be projected on the eight windows of the South Door which opens onto the gardens of the renovated Les Halles and will be visible from both the inside and the outside of the church.

For the video, the artist asked some twenty performers to retrace the steps of the various occupants of the church: priests, parishioners, tourists, soup-kitchen volunteers (on duty at the West Entrance every evening during winter) and their “guests”. This distance, characteristic of Hamill’s aesthetic, enables her to transcribe the collective energy specific to this place of worship. Reality is not documented here, rather the convergence of people whose crossing paths constitutes the social essence of the site, emerges from the work.

Image: Leonora Hamill, Furtherance, 2014 © Leonora Hamill, courtesy the artist and Rubis Mécénat cultural fund