Societe Generale - MIROIRS DE L'HOMME exhibition, Fahamu Pecou - La Defense, Paris

Fahamu Pecou
Societe Generale Tower, La Defense, Paris, France
28 September - 25 November 2017



MIROIRS DE L’HOMME, the first solo exhibition to be held at Societe Generale by American artist Fahamu Pecou. The Societe Generale Collection, in partnership with the Backslash gallery, is delighted to present 46 works, selected from French and international private art collections, will be on display from 28 September 2017 at Societe Generale Headquarters.

Fahamu Pecou, born in 1975, is an interdisciplinary artist whose works combine observations on hip-hop, fine art and popular culture. He made his mark early in his career with his faux covers of leading magazines such as George, Art Review and ArtNews. With his provocative attitude and immediately identifiable universe, the artist avails himself of the tools of hip-hop culture to question Black identity in modern-day America and the exploitation of Black people and culture in the media. Tirelessly multiplying representations of African-American identity within our contemporary societies, his paintings, performances and academic projects make a strong statement, levelling criticism, sometimes caustic, always imbued with humor, at certain attitudes currently observed among Black men.

Fahamu Pecou’s artistic explorations also encompass a deep-reaching reflection on the splendor of the Black soul and the royal heritage of African cultures, reminding us that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. His sources of inspiration include the memory of the struggle for civil rights, and the Yoruba religion (which survived in secret amongst enslaved Africans on plantations throughout the Americas). The tribal masks and gold that adorn the figures in a number of his works reflect his determination to present African-Americans other than as victim or threat, as well as referring to the police violence suffered by the Black community in recent years.
Currently completing his Ph.D at Emory University, Pecou is multi-faceted artist who is highly active in the digital sphere, he uses videos, conferences and public performances to present his work. As well as featuring in the Societe Generale Collection, Fahamu Pecou’s work is exhibited in many public collections, including the Smithsonian National Museum of African American Art and Culture in Washington, Nasher Museum in Durham, High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Seattle Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art in Atlanta.


The Societe Generale Collection: a pioneering art collection in France and over 20 years of support for artistic creation  Contemporary art and classical music are the two pillars of Societe Generale’s cultural patronage policy. Launched in 1995, the Societe Generale Collection features over 500 original works and 750 lithographs, prints and serigraphs, making it one of the largest collections of contemporary art assembled by a bank in France. The idea behind the Collection was to express Societe Generale’s strong commitment to its employees as well as mark the move from the historical center of Paris to the new tower blocks in the business district. The Collection, displayed throughout the head office and the Dunes building, aims to create a dialogue between the art world and the business world, using the shared values of innovation and creativity to bring together artists and employees.


Photo : Fahamu Pecou, Real NEGUS don’t die, la folie du jour, 2012 - Série NEGUS IN PARIS. © Collection Société Générale