Venet Foundation - Claude Viallat, Unleashing color - Le Muy, France

Claude Viallat - Unleashing color
Le Muy, South of France
13 june - 13 september 2019 


This summer, the Venet Foundation pays homage to Claude Viallat, one of the major colorist of his generation. Curated by Alexandre Devals, director of the foundation, Claude Viallat - Unleashing color shows a selection of twenty works of Claude Viallat realized on military tarpaulins, a series that started in the 1970s and has continued over the past years. The exhibition’s core features works shown at CAPC (the Museum of Contemporary Art) in Bordeaux in 1980, a major retrospective of Claude Viallat’s work for the use of a thick support, the search of polychromy, and the cut-out of the canvas in registers. This exhibition was a turning point in Viallat’s work and celebrated him as one of the leading figures in French painting.

Created in 2014, the Venet Foundation opens its doors to visitors at an exceptional art venue comprising over 4 hectares in the heart of Provence in the village of Le Muy. The Foundation is home to the conceptual and minimal art collection of Diane and Bernar Venet, one of the most important in the world. The sculpture park features monumental pieces by major artists such as the Stella Chapel created for the site by Frank Stella (2014), and James Turrell’s Elliptic Ecliptic (installed in 2016), Fourth Piece of Nine by Carl Andre, Arman’s Déchainés, the first Open Cube of Sol LeWitt, Lamentable by François Morellet, along with works by Bernar Venet, such as the Versailles Effondrement 85.8° Arc x 16 which was shown in Versailles in 2011. The permanent display is complemented each year by a summer exhibition devoted to one particular artist in the Gallery, along with a show highlighting works by Bernar Venet in the Factory.

13 june - 13 september 2019
Venet Foundation - Chemin du Moulin des Serres - 83490 Le Muy
The Venet Foundation is open to the public from 13 June to 13 September, Thurdsay afternoons and Fridays, by appointement only.

Photo : Installation view at the Venet Foundation, 2019 © Jerome Cavalière / Courtesy Venet Foundation and studio Viallat