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(since 2023)
A network of artist-led social initiatives, AFIELD was created from a grant and a program of meetings and workshops, and brings together artists from all disciplines who carry out concrete, long-term social action with a community.


Contemporary art


Social impact



Since 2014, AFIELD has been supporting artists’ work for concrete change in their communities. 

AFIELD was conceived as a fellowship for social initiatives, which facilitates mutual support and collaboration across de the globe. It includes important international advisors such as Dora Garcia, Walid Raad, Pio Abad, Binna Choi or Farid Rakun. 

Created from a grant and a program of meetings and workshops, it also provides other resources in the form of discussions, mutual aid, incubation and community building to help fellows deepen and strengthen their work in their particular contexts.

AFIELD Fellows primarily come from the field of arts and culture. While being recognized for their practice, they have also decided to start a social project, delivering impact in a long-term and tangible way. Their initiative usually takes the form of a school, a nonprofit organization, a festival, or a small business responding to the needs of a community. 

The first fellowships were awarded in 2014 to choreographer Lia Rodrigues and artist Zanele Muholi.

In the long run, AFIELD enables discourse, theory and the development of infrastructures for socially-engaged practice, through an expanding set of examples of practice “in action”. AFIELD amplifies creative voices and solutions, with the aim to bring arts and culture to the foreground of social experimentation. 

l’art en plus supports AFIELD in its media relations, to raise awareness of the initiatives of this committed network and increase the visibility of its fellows’ projects.