Les 4 finalistes du Prix MAIF pour la sculpture 2020 : Virginie Yassef, Léonard Martin, Hugo Servanin et le duo Grégory Chatonsky et Goliath Dyèvre
4 nominees of the Prix MAIF pour la sculpture 2020: Virginie Yassef, Léonard Martin, Hugo Servanin and the duo Grégory Chatonsky and Goliath Dyèvre © the artists
Vincent Mauger, L'Ordre et sa forme, fonderie Rosini 2012. Courtesy Prix MAIF pour la sculpture © Olivier Moritz
Vincent Mauger, L'Ordre et sa forme, 2012. Courtesy Prix MAIF pour la sculpture © O. Moritz

Prix MAIF pour la sculpture

For over a decade, MAIF (major French insurance company) has supported con-temporary creation.


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l’art en plus has produced and overseen the Prix MAIF pour la sculpture since 2014.


As part of MAIF’s cultural patronage policy, the Prix MAIF pour la sculpture spent 10 years supporting emerging artists.

In 2014, MAIF reached out to l’art en plus to develop and better position their award dedicated to a first experience of the bronze practice. After been exhibited in Paris, each winner worked for a year in close collaboration with a foundry to learn the exceptional savoir faire directly from expert craftsmen. The 11 successive winners have included Elsa Sahal, Vincent Mauger, Nicolas Milhé, Florian Viel and Angelika Markul.

In 2019, MAIF asked l’art en plus to completely rethink the prize for a more contemporary and innovative position, in response to new societal developments and new artistic practices. To date, the endowment fully accompanies artists intending to produce a sculpture via innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, modeling, 3D printing, robotics…

For six years, l’art en plus has been driving the organization and communication around the Prix MAIF pour la sculpture in collaboration with the patronage team at MAIF: coordinating the call for applications (creating and distributing the dossier for the open call and the rules of the Prize, complete administrative management of the applications received, selection and organization of the juries, moderation of deliberations);managing relations with artists; organizing a soirée held in a Parisian cultural institution(sourcing the venue, exhibiting the works of the finalists, planning the cocktail, the artistic performances, the educational workshops, etc.); planning the communication strategy, media plan and media relations; public relations; supporting and coordinating the production behind the winning work and the accompanying publication. The agency also manages the digital communication and social media presence of the Prix MAIF pour la sculpture.

Since 2014, the agency has overseen 7 laureates and 35 finalists, selected more than 1,000 applications, led seven juries made up of notable personalities and professionals from the art world, organized seven awards ceremonies held in different venues (Institut du Monde Arabe, Palais de Tokyo, Palais de la Découverte, etc.) and assisted with the production of 14 bronze sculptures with three art foundries. In 2020, l’art en plusand the MAIF will venture into the world of innovation and new technologies.