Our skills



Strategic Corporate Communications and Brand Development ​​​​​​
Corporate - Editorial - Events

We develop global and bespoke communications and PR campaigns in support of large-scale projects related to the arts, architecture, design, arts and crafts, and heritage: brand development, brand platforms, storytelling, editorial content, communication strategy, social media management and digital communications.
We assist our clients with public representation and contribute to their visibility as influencial stakeholders in the arts, media and public environment. 

Relationship with the Media
Media Training - Press Events - Press Campaigns

Each campaign is tailored to the project and presented in person to the leading French and international media. Our knowledge of media editorial lines and journalist expectations enables us to identify their prefered themes and angles, in order to draw their interest and generate quality results.

Digital Communications and Social media
Advise - Audit - Community Management

We advise our clients in order to develop their digital communication and manage their social media reputation: content creation, tailored strategy and editorial planning, community management, targeted ad campaigns, etc.
We design tailored messages and content, and we advise our clients on media investments to connect with their targets in the long-term. With frequent dynamic statements, we raise awareness of their actions and artistic projects in the cultural community.


Public Relations
Networking - Partnerships -Invitations

We connect our clients with our networks and offer them our knowledge of the art world to encourage connections and partnerships, and to build long-term projects. 

Social connections - Audience Growth 

We develop project audience through long-standing and trust-based relationships with opinion formers and trend forecasters from the art community: artists, curators, institutional representatives, collectors, art patrons, gallery owners, cultural creatives, interior and furniture designers, etc.


Exhibitions and Artistic Events
Conception - Production - Organization

We envision and manage artistic events from start to finish: conception, artistic consultancy and sourcing, partnerships, bespoke communications strategy, logistics, invitations, etc.

Art Patronage and Collections
Conception - Consultancy - Content

We assist motivated corporations and private collectors that are committed to the arts. We advise them to elaborate art patronage and collection projects. Associating the creative energy of art to their trade enables companies to rally their teams around common values while stimulating their creativity and empowering them. The visibility of the company’s operations is improved while relationships with partners and clients are consolidated.


Image: Didier Marcel, Grand Labour bleu, 2011, Hôtel Beaubrun - Emerige, Paris © Manolo Mylonas