Emerige Revelations Grant - Exhibition of the 12 young artists nominated for 2017 - Paris, France

Emerige Revelations Grant
8 - 30 November 2017
Paris, France



Mali Arun / Laëtitia de Chocqueuse / Marcel Devillers / Jérôme Grivel / Alice Guittard / Luke James / Fabien Léaustic / Alice Louradour / Gwilherm Lozac’h / Eva Medin / Linda Sanchez / Apolonia Sokol
The work of the 12 selected young French artists will be shown during a collective exhibition created by curator Gaël Charbau and called “En forme de vertiges” (vertigo-shaped) at the Villa Emerige (Paris, 16th).

Emerige Revelations Grant: exposing young talents of the French scene in Paris
Created in 2014 under the initiative of Laurent Dumas, president of the Groupe Emerige, the Emerige Revelations Grant is aimed at visual artists regardless of their practice (photography, painting, installations, video etc.), aged under 35, French or living in France and not represented by a professional gallery. The Grant has already revealed the work of several artists, starting with the laureates of the first three editions: Vivien Roubaud (In Situ – fabienne Leclerc Gallery), Lucie Picandet (Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery) and Edgar Sarin (Michel Rein Gallery), who have since multiplied exhibitions.  

Chosen by a jury composed of personalities from the art world, the laureate will be announced on the 7th November and will enjoy professional support, a studio and an overall grant of 15,000 euros to create her or his first personal exhibition. After the In Situ - fabienne leclerc Gallery in 2014, the Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery in 2015 and the Michel Rein Gallery in 2016, it is now up to the Papillon Gallery (Paris) to engage with the laureate.

2017’s great novelty is the young and dynamic The Pill gallery, who support the emerging French scene in Istanbul, will select an artist amongst the finalists with a view to showing their work in a personal exhibition. The laureate of the Revelations Grant will simultaneously be invited to participate in a collective exhibition as part of the programme of the gallery. With this invitation, the Emerige Revelations Grant contributes to maintaining the international influence of France’s young artists.

“En forme de vertiges” (vertigo-shaped) 
A feeling of vertigo is a short rupture of the state of evidence of our being grounded in the world. It is an illusion, a trick, more real than the world, in the time frame of its perception.
In a context as artificial and clinical as four white walls, could the artwork that enchants us, carries us away or hypnotizes us, be based on this model of vertigo that would be created in our representations, in the frame of references that make up our knowledge? If our culture is like a net, a meshing of bearings, scents, texts and images, then the vertigo-shaped artwork would be the one that creates a hole in the language, a white noise in our certainties, a shake in our scaffoldings. It is about conjuring up a state, just like when we are moved by a scent, an indefinable present, between what the artist imagined, what we both feel, and what we, when alone again, will hold on to.

Excerpt from the text of the curator Gaël Charbau.

Founded by Laurent Dumas, Emerige is one of the main players in real estate in the Ile-de-France region. It is specialized in the promotion of office spaces and housing, as well as the restructuration of property assets. The Group’s activity also extends to Madrid and Barcelona. Over the last 28 years, it has gained an image of excellence by combining heritage, creation, innovation and by commissioning major names of the worlds of architecture, design and craftsmanship.


Photo:  Gwilherm Lozac’h, I built a stage to feel this way ( II ), 2015, © Pierre Seiter