HYam Award - exhibition of the finalists - Artcurial, Paris

HYam presents the finalists of the Young mediterraean artistic scene Award, dedicated to Greece
Artcurial, Paris
8 - 17 January 2016


In 2014, HYam, with the Foundation Jean-Luc Lagardère, created an award for emerging artists from the Mediterranean and granted to a young Greek artist, Maria Tsagkari, chosen by an international jury among four finalists. Their work enlightened the diversity of the young Greek and Cypriot artistic scene.

The association is now preparing the second part of its project to support young artists from the Mediterranean scene: the exhibition (entitled ερωτηματικο ; erotimatiko ?) at Artcurial in Paris, of the four finalists’ works - Rania Bellou, Marianna Christofides, Maria Tsagkari, the laureate, and Athanasios Zagorisios.

In the Greek language, the question mark - erotimatiko - looks like our semi-colon. Therefore, this punctuation mark can evoke the Greek art of questioning and the parallel of a situation where “the old is dying and the new cannot be born” (Antonio Gramsci) at once. The HYam association is willing to bring light to different aesthetic visions of this interregnum which marks not only Greece, but all the Mediterranean basin as well. The consequences of an ever-growing economic crisis filter slowly, insidiously but bitterly.


Image: Maria Tsagkari in front of her work Heinrich Did It, 2016 © Jean Picon