Lab'Bel - 435 Ponti e qualche scorciatoia - Venice, Italie

David Horvitz
435 Ponti e qualche scorciatoia 
May 7 - November 25, 2019


435 Ponti e qualche scorciatoia (435 bridges and some shortcuts) is produced by Lab’Bel, an art in public spaces project, which will take place in Venice from spring to autumn 2019. The first piece was Concertino Unisono* by Michael Staab and took place in 2015 in Saint Mark’s Square.

This project is conceived in close collaboration with Venetians, local institutions, craftspeople, residents and musicians. In this project we can see the heritage of the Fluxus movement whose energy permeates the entire series.
435 Ponti e qualche scorciatoia is a work by David Horvitz, a poet and artist living in Los Angeles.

The entire city of Venice is imagined as the site of the exhibition, where things happen, disappear and reappear…
The project is a wandering through the city, sometimes flooded in acqua alta, where only the bridges connecting the islands allow the city to be walkable. Wandering is an unwritten manifest on slowness.

David Horvitz will do a performative walk over all of Venice’s bridges by night. How much time do you need to walk its 435 bridges? How many shortcuts can you take? Local tourist guides will tell this story, and take you to a place where a granita tastes like the Adriatic Sea.
During his stay in the city, the artist will develop a constellation of projects in collaboration with Venetians: tourist guides, pipe organ players, artisans, and ice-cream makers, which will be activated during the period of the Biennale.

Where can this project be found?
It all depends if you have the time to take a moment out of your hectic life to go somewhere, it’s in this in-between moment that you will find it… Either on a postcard from a kiosk or on the paper used to wrap your zabaione fritelle (do you even know what ‘zabaione’ is?) 
You might hear it in Stravinsky’s 3 Easy Pieces emanating from the pipe organ of a nearby church, played by children.

More info : www.lab-bel.com

Text by Silvia Guerra, 
Curator of 435 Ponti e qualche scorciatoia and Artistic Director of Lab’Bel



The Lab’Bel Arts and Cultural Fund was created in the spring of 2010 to support contemporary art. The activities of this laboratory of ideas and impertinent innovation are shared between the development of a contemporary art collection—now on long-term loan at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dôle—and the organization of exhibitions and artistic events throughout France and Europe. Lab’Bel is also behind a series of performative multidisciplinary projects ranging from modernist architecture to poetry or music.
In parallel, Lab’Bel is responsible for a number of publications and artist’s editions, including for example The Collector’s Edition Boxes of The Laughing Cow ®, created every year by a different contemporary artist, in close collaboration with the Bel team, giving rise to a range of research and experimentation.  
Laurent Fiévet and Silvia Guerra act as director and artistic director, respectively.

Photo : David Horvitz, 435 Ponti e qualche scorciatoia (435 bridges and some shortcuts), 2019. © Ernst van Deursen. Courtesy of the artist and Lab’Bel