Thalie Foundation - Five years anniversary - Brussels

Thalie Foundation
Five years anniversary
Brussels, Belgium


The Thalie Foundation was created under the name ThalieLab in 2014 by the collector and philanthropist Nathalie Guiot. It mission has been to support, promote and disseminate contemporary creation committed to societal themes; its aim is cultural transmission, exchange and sharing. This is expressed through exhibitions dedicated to emerging artists, as well as residencies and production assistance. As an incubator of thought, the foundation is committed to defending and promoting a collective intelligence in arts and culture.

For its five-year anniversary, ThalieLab will become the Thalie Foundation, initiating a new graphic identity and a completely redesigned website that divides off-site projects from the activities at the Brussels headquarters.

In April 2018, the foundation opened a 500m2 space in Brussels, not far from Avenue Louise and the Ixelles ponds, in the heart of the gallery district. This modernist house, built in 1924 by the architect Jean Hendricks and completely renovated by architect duo Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf, showcases a collection of contemporary art and works created especially for the space. Here the foundation commits to a multidisciplinary program, using art to explore the major concerns of our society. Artists, designers and authors can thus compare their practices in a collaborative and transversal way that crossbreeds visual arts, performance, music and contemporary thought. The foundation also hosts artists, authors or curators in residency and annually produces two exhibitions, which are open to the public.

The Thalie Foundation’s commitment to art is reflected through four major actions:

- Two annual exhibitions open to the public. These two exhibitions match with two major events: Art Brussels in April and Independent Brussels in November

- A multidisciplinary program bringing together visual, performance, music and contemporary thought.

- An annual call for projects around a theme linked to major societal concerns, rewarded with production assitance and a residency. After focusing on “Identities and Territories” for the first edition, the second edition was dedicated to the theme of “From Ecological Transition to Decay: Smart Uses of Art.”

- The Foundation off site. The Thalie Foundation supports, by way of production assistance and creative commissions, artistic projects related to communities; its goal is artistic transmission and societal impact.